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The Benefits of Working with Medicare Supplement Agency

A good agency like Florida Medicare Supplements understands that searching for a Medicare supplement plan can be confusing. Our job as a an agency is to help make the process of researching and finding a plan easy for you. Instead of researching every company and calling them about plans and prices, you can enlist our help. We can help you find a Medigap plan that gets you the best possible coverage at the most affordable price. Medigap agencies have professional agents that can help educate you on your options, and answer any questions you may have. Most agencies also have quote tools that can pull up custom quotes for each plan from any of the insurance carriers they represent. Also, since Medicare supplement agencies are commissioned by the insurance carriers, they do not charge you anything for their services.

Working with Florida Medicare Supplements

We Work with the Top Insurance Companies

Florida Medicare Supplements educates, offers advice, assists you during the application process, and follows up with you to ensure that you are still happy with your coverage and costs afterwards. We are an agency that values and looks out for our client’s best interests. That is why we choose to only work with insurance companies that are highly rated and reputable. We carefully choose to represent insurance companies that we know you will have the best possible experience with.

We Value Excellent Customer Service

At Florida Medicare Supplements we truly care about our clients. We treat our clients with the same respect and concern as our family. We help you find the price and coverage that you are looking for, and keep you informed of any changes in plans and prices during your coverage. We want to ensure that you are always covered by the most comprehensive and cost effective plan.

No Charge for Our Services

Our services are free to use. Any rates that we quote reflect the same premiums you would find if you contacted the insurance companies directly. The prices we quote are the same prices you would find if you contacted another agency and asked for the same plan and company. We want you to feel comfortable and secure with your decision, so we make sure you are aware of every price associated with the plan you choose. We also keep you informed if your monthly premium increases after the first year of coverage. This way, we can assist you in case you want to review your options again or switch plans.

Start your research today by calling us directly at 866-894-3258, or you may request a quote and one of our Medigap specialists will follow up with a call.

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